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Featured Public Event:
Ultimate Time Wizard Tournament

Europe will host its first-of-a-kind Ultimate Time Wizard Tournament.

This event will be available to all interested Duelists, whether you have a WCQ ticket or not.


This event will use the March 2010 format, you can find the relevant list here:


Releases up to 28 April 2010 are eligible for this event. This includes reprints of cards that were printed by this date.


Ultimate Time Wizard Tournament Information

Format: March 2010

List: info


Product Eligibility:      

Releases up to 28 April 2010


Swiss rounds with Top 8 Cut

Deck List Submission Opens:
Saturday 09:00

Tournament Registration Closes:
Saturday 15:50

Deck List Submission Closes:

Saturday 16:00

Tournament schedule:
Start Saturday: 17:00
Day 1 Concludes after 3 Swiss Rounds
Start Sunday: 09:00


Deck List Submission Notes:

You must register using the KCGN ID as appears in NEURON or you will not be able to submit a decklist for the event.


Winner:                 Giant Card - LDS2-EN110 Black Rose Dragon

2nd - 3rd place:    Oversized Card - LDS2-EN110 Black Rose Dragon

Top 8:                   Light and Darkness Dragon Game Mat

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